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Welcome to the Dental Hygiene Travel Program!

The Team Placement Dental Hygiene Travel Program is the first program in the nation that allows dental professionals the opportunity to work anywhere in the country. This program provides candidates with the opportunity to expand their careers, meet new people, and gain exciting new experiences.

The program is rapidly expanding and has included dental hygienists from all over the country. Our travel offers top pay and guarantees hours to build your clinical skills and professional confidence.

Trying out this program is virtually risk-free. We help you get all the required licensing and provide free housing! We partner you with other travelers in our program so you can use your free time to sightsee and explore.

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Where We’re Located

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  • Corporate housing, fully furnished, in attractive locations
  • Term length 4-6 months, extensions possible
  • Guaranteed pay
  • Gain experience in dental hygiene
  • Fun activities and events with fellow Travelers
  • Weekly direct deposits
  • We cover all Workman’s Compensation
  • We help build your resume and provide sales training
  • You have numerous options after your term ends: You may extend your term, move to another travel location, or seek full-time employment.

Here’s What Past Participants Have to Say

My experience has been great with team placement. From the moment I began I have received support in both my professional and work life as well as support at any given day or time. It’s great that i’ve had the opportunity to travel to different parts of the U.S and further expand my travel experiences and form friends and bonds across the country. I’ve also had a chance to expand my knowledge as a professional by working in a variety of dental settings and with other professional that have been willing to share their experience. This has allowed me to grow and become a better medical and dental provider.

Eduardo Corona
RDH- New Mexico (Milwaukee traveler)

Joining Team Placement was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The entire team treated me like family. Working in different settings helped me grow as a hygienist and as a person. I am grateful for all the friendships and relationships that I have formed that will last a lifetime.

Nolan Carlson
RDH- Wyoming (Virginia & Maryland traveler)

My favorite thing about working for Team Placement is being able to travel to different parts of the country and experiencing their culture, customs and meeting new people. Every location has something different to offer and pushes me beyond my comfort zone. Working in various offices, teaches you how to be adaptable and introduces you to a multitude of dental technology.

Myia Young
RDH- Mississippi (Wisconsin & Minnesota traveler)

My experience with TPS has been wonderful. I was assigned to live with other dental hygienists who quickly became my close friends. The TPS staff is supportive and does a great job keeping me informed throughout the process. Most of all, the entire team truly cares about the success of the dental hygienists. I couldn’t be happier to have joined an amazing community in TPS and have the opportunity to use my education in different areas of the country.

Shannen Sebahar
RDH- Indiana (Wisconsin traveler)

Team Placement really helped me launch into my career as a dental hygienist. Not only was I able to travel while working, but the housing was paid for by Team Placement. If I could go back to do it all over again I would definitely work for Team Placement again!

Amanda Murphy
RDH- Michigan (Virginia traveler)

This program gave me the opportunity to travel while doing what I love, dental hygiene. They are the only company that provides this for our field and they do it so well. Everyone in the company is very nice and helpful. The housing they provide is also well kept and in nice locations. I love where I live.

Jaynae Valleck
California ( Virginia traveler)

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