Payment and Billing


Unlike most staffing agencies that require you to write a check the same day for your temporary staff member, we will generate invoices once-per-week for any placements that occurred the previous week.

We then automatically process the payment, and you receive a copy of the paid invoice and receipt. No more worries about tracking your bills or cutting checks!

If you are a new client with Team Placement, please fill out the automatic payment form below and return it to

Accepted forms of payment include eCheck and Credit card (2% surcharge). Payment is withdrawn upon invoicing. You will receive a copy of a paid receipt.

Billing Process

At the end of the assignment, our candidate will give the client a timesheet to sign and verify. The candidate is responsible for submitting the timesheet to us. Clients never pay Team Placement Temps directly; the practice will be invoiced for the hours worked.

  • Seven (7) hour minimum Mon-Thurs billing and four (4) hour minimum Fri.-Sun billing
  • $50 cancellation fee applies if the order is canceled within 24 business hours