What is a Travel Program?
Nurses have been offered the opportunity to work in cities other than their own for over 10 years. Staffing agencies send nurses to the city of their choice to work for a specific amount of time and then they return home. We have based our program on this model and modified it for dental professionals. Now, for the first time, Dental Professionals have an opportunity to work temporarily in Northern Virginia, Washington DC, and Maryland which has the highest paid salaries in the nation!

Who Are We and What Do We Do?
Team Placement Service, Inc., is a well-established dental and medical staffing agency that has served the Northern Virginia/DC Metropolitan area since 1983. The company was started by Betty Peebles, a former Dental Hygienist, who is still the company President.

Why Did We Create A Travel Program?
Northern Virginia, Washington DC, and Baltimore had such a need for dental staff that we decided to bring people in from outside our area to help to fill all of the job requests. Once we realized that there were many people interested in travel we began to open up other cities and markets to this opportunity.

Highlights of the Program:

  • 12 or 16-week slots available. If you like, work for a period of time, go home, and come back for another slot of time
  • Free housing is provided
  • Permanent jobs also available. RDH can pay up to $45/hour (housing not provided for permanent jobs)

Do I Need a License?
If you are a hygienist, yes, you must have a local license. TPS will let you know which licenses you will need to obtain once you have been accepted into the program. We are prepared to help you with this process. Once the necessary paperwork has been filed, licenses are typically issued in an expedient manner. Reciprocity is available for some states and most boards process applications within two weeks. Dental Assistants are required to be x-ray certified in our area or with the Dental Assistant National Board (DANB). TPS gives preference to Certified Dental Assistant. We can start you with one license and get another license during your stay here.  The more licenses you have, the more placements and money you will be able to make during your term. See below for some of the local state licence boards. FYI, We do not require that you take the additional anesthesia test in Maryland and therefore you do not need it to start working with us in Maryland.  Dental hygienists in the State of Maryland can take this test as an elective in their program.  If you think you will work permanently in Maryland, I would recommend you take this test.  Otherwise, it is not required.

When Should I Apply for my Licence?
We encourage you to start that process right away. You can always be sending your application info to us but you want to allow the licencing boards as much time as possible to complete their work.

Should I Bring My Own Instruments?
Not necessary.

Can I Bring Someone?
Yes, we encourage you to bring a friend who will also participate, however, the house is set up to accommodate only our workers; if family or friends want to visit, we will be happy to help you locate hotels close to the house.

Is the Start Date Flexible?
Yes, we have some flexibility with your start date.

When do I need to decide if I want to renew?
As soon as you have decided feel free to let us know however we require a final decision three weeks before your term ends. That way we can alert another traveler that a spot is open.

Do I sign a Contract?
You actually would not have a contract with TPS. Just like at home you will be an Independent Contractor working for us. We do have a housing Agreement that we ask you to sign but it is not a contract. Dental Assistants however do work with us as an employee and are subject to the normal payroll taxes and fees. Independent Contractors are not eligible for benefits but you are covered under our workers comp plan in case an accident happens.

Where do I live?
Here is the great part. We provide your housing, utilities, cable/Wi-Fi while you are here.  We also provide a monthly cleaning service for the house. The houses are just like dorms where you have your own room but share the kitchen and livingroom with other traveling Hygienists. Go to our website to check out pictures of our current houses.

How do I do my OSHA orientation?
The certification has to be completed within one year. If you do not have it completed, we can do this during your orientation in our HQ. It is a quick video that you will watch and then fill the paperwork.



VirginiaBoard of Dentistry:
Call 1-804-662-9906 or visit www.dhp.virginia.gov (go to Dentistry, then Application & Forms).

DCBoard of Dentistry:
Call 1 (877) 258-9217 or visit www.doh.dc.gov (go to professional licensing).

MarylandBoard of Dentistry:
Call (410) 402-8510or visit http://www.dhmh.state.md.us/dental/forms_original.htm#Initial_Applications


Additional Information:
Please call 1-800-495-6767.