WELCOME to The Team Placement Service, Inc. Travel Program. This is the first program in the nation that allows Hygienists and DA’s the opportunity to work anywhere in the country.

Travel allows candidates to expand their careers, meet new people  and gain exciting new experiences. The program was started in 2005 and has included people from all over the country.

Our travel  offers top pay and lots of hours to build your clinical skills and professional confidence.

Trying out this program is virtually risk-free.  We help you get all the required licences and provide free housing! We partner you with other travelers in our program so you can use your free time to sight see and explore.

Amazingly, about half of our travelers decide to stay where they traveled and accept a full time job because they fall in love with the area. Recently we placed one hygienist in a position in downtown DC. She is making $100k for 4 ½ days a week!

Take a look at what people had to say about the Program:

Maira, RDH -Tennessee, Virginia: I would like to thank each and every one at Team Placement for the opportunity you all gave me. I gained a lot of knowledge and experience from each doctor and hygienist I worked with. I am very thankful for you all for opening the doors of opportunity to me. Maira participated in the Dental Travel Program for 4 months.  Upon completion of her stay, Team Placement helped find her a permanent job in Virginia!

Nolan, RDH- Michigan, Maryland, Virginia: The travel program gives you a unique opportunity to work in a variety of different settings and environments, building relationships and friendships that will last a life time. After completing our Dental Travel Program, Nolan returned home to work on his BSDH.

Reinaldo, RDH – Maryland, Florida: My overall experience with the travel program offered by Team Placement was excellent. It was my first adventure away from home and, having just started my new career, I was thrilled and eager to start the journey. It provided me with an opportunity to grow and develop my skills as a newfound dental hygienist. Being exposed to a number of different clinical settings allowed for a chance to increase my: knowledge of dental software, familiarity with different dental office setups, confidence in patient care and treatment, and speed and efficacy throughout the dental appointment.

Here are some videos of Travelers past and present…


Below are some common questions and answers.

Dental Travel Questions and Answers

Episode 11: Satisfy Your RDH Wanderlust

If you want more information or would like an application package please contact us at travel@teamplace.com or call 1-800-495-6767 . The Washington area is a great place to work as a young professional; we hope you elect to come!

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